ELLE Loves: The Overnight Mask That Extends My Morning Glow Till Night


I don’t identify as a morning person, but my skin does. During the first hour I’m awake, my complexion truly beams. Redness? Gone. Texture? Smooth. Lines? Barely visible. This is not a phenomenon that’s unique to me, it’s science—skin repairs itself overnight.

But thanks to gravity and exposure to the elements and well, life, this ephemeral morning glow vanishes by the afternoon, when my usual skin concerns—fine lines, dullness, and dryness—reveal themselves once more. I’ve long been on the hunt for a product that could help me retain that “just woke up from an amazing night of sleep” look all day, and—breaking news!—I’ve finally found it in the Laneige Bouncy & Firm Sleeping Mask.

Laneige Bouncy & Firm Sleeping Mask

Bouncy & Firm Sleeping Mask

Laneige Bouncy & Firm Sleeping Mask

Laneige’s overnight masks, both of the facial and lip variety, have been known to go viral, and there’s reason for the obsession. The formulas are buttery and affordable, look good on a vanity, and, most importantly, deliver results. The Bouncy & Firm Sleeping Mask, the newest addition to the lineup, is designed to plump, hydrate, and improve radiance.

Its star ingredients are a Peony & Collagen Complex and peptides, which work to firm and promote natural collagen for skin that looks and stays visibly plump. The product’s Hydro-Melt Glow Capsules—an intriguing proprietary concoction—mimic the skin’s lipids to protect skin while you sleep, and hyaluronic acid and green tea probiotic lysate support the skin’s moisture barrier and give it a hydrated glow. Studies conducted by the brand showed that the mask improves skin texture and moisture levels after one use, and results in firmer, more radiant, plump, and bouncy skin, plus a visible reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, after four weeks.

The Bouncy & Firm Sleeping Mask can be used as frequently as every evening as the last step of your PM skincare routine. For this review, I’ve been applying it every night after using micellar water, the Laneige Cream Skin Toner (another home run of a new launch that hydrates, soothes, and firms), and a brightening serum.

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As with the other Laneige sleeping masks I’ve tried, the application experience is truly dreamy. The formula is just as pink as the jar’s exterior, and thanks to that Peony & Collagen Complex, it smells like a fresh-cut bouquet. The satisfying, sorbet-like texture melts into skin, leaving behind a velvety feeling. I love to perform this last step when I’m in bed with my lights dimmed and my sound machine on. I find the sensory elements supremely soothing—a spa-like moment before I drift off to sleep.

When I wake up, my skin feels just as soft as it did the night before, and there’s an extra bounce to my cheeks. My complexion looks healthy, bright, plump, and more youthful—but the best part is that these benefits don’t disappear. Even after my 50-minute commute to work, a stressful meeting, or a lunch break outside, I’ll catch a glance of myself in the bathroom mirror—under unforgiving fluorescent lighting no less—and that morning glow is miraculously still with me.

If you, like me, have ever lamented your skin only looking its best when no one is around, or just want to add collagen-boosting and dullness-fighting powers to your routine, consider the Bouncy & Firm Sleeping Mask your new bedside fixture.

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