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There is something so special about a father-daughter bond. The relationship between Olivia Culpo and her father, Peter, is a prime example of how meaningful that connection can be. “My dad isn’t just the guy whose shirts I used to steal when I was little,” says the model, influencer, and entrepreneur. “He’s also my business partner and the person I have the most fun in the world with.”

This beautiful bond is the reason Dolce&Gabbana chose them to represent its newest fragrance duo, K&Q, which is inspired by and embodies unique, complementary pairs.

We sat down with Olivia and Peter over bowls of homemade pasta for an intimate conversation about Father’s Day memories, working together, and finding strength in each other and their relationship.

preview for D&G K&Q Fragrance Olivia and Peter Culpo

How do the Culpos celebrate Father’s Day?

Peter: What I like most is seeing you all come home—you and your brothers and sisters. And then, which doesn’t happen very often, doing something all together, like going to a restaurant and shooting pool.

Did you ever notice, Olivia, there’s no Daughter’s Day? I can tell you that my perfect day celebrating with you would be one without any work calls—no interruptions. How do you picture it?

olivia culpo dg

Olivia: Probably on a vacation in Italy. An amazing one where you’d pay for everything, Dad (laughs). No, come on, of course we’d go halves!

Peter: Very funny. Well, I stand by what I said. And there’d have to be a good cigar and a juicy steak in there somewhere.

Olivia: Beautiful, sounds like a really special day.

What do you like doing together on a normal day?

Peter: I love cooking with you.

Olivia: Yeah, even if Mom’s the one who cooks really well (laughs).

Peter: It’s true, you and I have other qualities.

Olivia: For example, I always liked stealing your clothes, remember? Your jackets, especially your shirts, ever since I was little. I think my love for fashion started then, around the mirrors in your beautiful walk-in wardrobe.

Peter: And the cologne…

Olivia: No, the cologne is definitely not something I’d want to borrow. I personally prefer fragrances that are fresher and more feminine. Something I can wear every day, something fruity but still elegant.

olivia culpo dg

You’re not only father and daughter, you’re business partners too. What’s the best part of working together?

Olivia: The trust. Being family as well as business partners—I always feel like someone’s got my back. I feel safe. And isn’t that what a father is meant to do for their daughter, among other things?

Peter: I always did my best to make sure it was like that for you and your brothers and sisters. And it’s the same for me too—because we’re family first, we know we can always count on each other.

It’s as if being father and daughter is your superpower. Where else in your lives does it make you stronger?

Peter: I get strength from witnessing your achievements. Whether they’re big or small, watching you succeed in one goal after another makes me proud, and it makes me feel even more certain about what we’re doing together.

Olivia: For me, it’s when I realize all the sacrifices you made for us—you and Mom both. As I got older, I realized how the easiest decision is always the most selfish, and how noble, brave, and strong it is to make a different choice. You always put us first. Knowing that, knowing you’re at my side, gives me strength. Do you ever regret it, though?

Peter: Do I ever regret being a father to six beautiful sons and daughters? No, never, Olivia. Your mother and I feel incredibly lucky.

Olivia: So, just because you’re the best dad in the world, I got you a gift. It’s K by Dolce&Gabbana; it complements my perfume, Q, which I’m actually wearing today.

Peter: Well, seeing as it’s a gift from you, it has to be my new favorite fragrance.

olivia culpo dg
olivia culpo dg

Two Fragrances, One Spirit: K&Q by Dolce&Gabbana

Like Olivia and Peter, K and Q complement each other. The two fragrances, created using the highest-quality Italian ingredients, are an expression of the brand’s artisanal expertise. While both share a base of Sicilian lemon and cedarwood, Q is characterized by crisp heart notes of scarlet cherry; K by its soft core of fig milk and lavender with a sharp, spicy twist.

Treat yourself and a special someone with the new K&Q by Dolce&Gabbana.

olivia culpo dg

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