You Need to Buy a Pair of Crocs


There’s a reason that Bad Bunny collab sold out so fast

It’s official: You need a pair of Crocs. Why? Because they’re the hottest item of 2020—just ask rapper Bad Bunny and the hordes of people who purchased his recent collaboration with the iconic comfy shoe brand. Released on September 29, the musician’s limited Crocs collab—which featured glow-in-the-dark Jibbitz charms (the small decorations used on top of the shoes)—quickly sold out.

And it’s not the first limited edition celebrity drop from the chunky rubber shoe brand to go viral and sell out ASAP. Crocs has teamed up *multiple* times with rapper Post Malone for his brand of Crocs and Jibbitz (a partnership that reportedly came out of Malone’s actual IRL love for the shoe brand and sold out in 10 minutes!). They’ve also collaborated with actor Ruby Rose, luxury store Barney’s New York and even Kentucky Fried Chicken (the latter of which came with fried chicken-scented Jibbitz).

And in December 2019, rapper Rico Nasty even shed tears over the now-iconic brand after her Crocs were confiscated by airport security (as she noted in her tweet about the incident, the sacred footwear in question was later returned).

So needless to say, people are bonkers for these rubbery clogs—but why? What’s up with this Crocs moment? FLARE investigates.

Everyone is working from home

Right up there with the sweatsuit, Crocs seem to have had a resurgence in popularity thanks in part to COVID-19 and the need for people to stay home. With fewer folks having to wear their carefully curated outfits into the office, people are generally going for comfort over style when it comes to their WFH fits (although there are *a ton* of stylish sweatsuits, cute house shoes and comfy yet chic WFH options out there), and this seems like the environment in which Crocs can thrive. Long seen as the shoe of choice for geriatric gardeners or veterinarian assistants, with no one from your 9-5 cushy office job to judge you, now *anyone* in *any* profession can rock them at their “desk” (i.e. their bed or couch)!

Ever wanted to try out a pair of Crocs but were worried that you wouldn’t have anywhere to wear them? Seize the day! Because no one has anywhere to wear anything at the moment!

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Crocs are *actually* comfy AF

And not only are Crocs now stylish, but also, they’re actually super comfortable. Have you ever slipped your tiny twinkle toes into an authentic Croc? No, we’re not talking about the (still very good) knock-offs you can get at the dollar store, but a *real* Croc. You might as well be shimmying into Cinderella’s glass slippers—because they’re actual perfection; which is high praise for an aerated rubber shoe.

Plus, turns out there’s a reason so many sweet old nanas rock them while tending to their gardens—they’re functional as heck! They can be worn in water or transitioned into a house slipper, meaning that the world truly is your oyster.

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And Crocs are the only reliable thing we have in this world right now

The final reason Crocs seem to be having the greatest comeback since J.Lo’s romcom career? Because with the world in a state of perpetual fire (sometimes literally), they appear to be the only thing we can depend on. Steadfast, Crocs have been there through our most difficult times, always with a comforting or funny Jibbitz to cheer us up. While their Jibbitz may change, Crocs remain the same in size, comfort and dependability. Plus, who can hate on a brand that so authentically has remained itself? Despite being dragged on for its looks, Crocs has remained true to its ethos: dependable shoes that sometimes smell like fried chicken, and it’s paying off for them.

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So, the world may be burning and democracy may be dying, but at least we have Crocs.

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