Justin Bieber Just Made a Sex Joke About Hailey Bieber on Instagram


Justin and Hailey Bieber have never been the reserved type of married couple. Justin, in particular, loves to prank his fans about things such as his wife being pregnant. He also makes frequent references to having children, which also confuses fans.

You never know what you’re going to get from these newlyweds (who first got married in September of last year and then did it again this year), especially when it comes to social media. On Saturday, Justin posted a hockey video to his Instagram with the caption “Like my wife always says…. I got good hands.”

Hailey was hardly embarrassed by the blunt reference to her sex life with her husband. She responded “fact.”

This kind of interaction on Instagram is hardly surprising, considering the fact that these two love to PDA for all of the internet to see. In October, Justin posted photos from his Calvin Klein ad with Hailey where things got pretty intimate.

In the ad, which came out in early October, the two start out on the couch (in their underwear) while watching the U.S. launch a rocket to the moon. Later, they dance around (again in their underwear) and make out. This seems pretty true to how they live their lives IRL, based on the content of their Instagram banter.

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