10 Hair Colour Trends That Are Going to Dominate 2020


The new decade is here (see ya, 2019!) and with a new year comes a whole slew of fancy hair colour trends. If you’re like us and get a tad confused with the zillionth new hue to hit Instagram (ahem, *bronde*), we’re here to help. We’ve distilled all the biggest trends down into one handy guide for the upcoming year by asking 10 trend-setting hairstylists across Canada for their take on what the most requested colours for 2020 are going to be. Trust us, you’re going to want to bookmark this page for your next salon visit.

Trend: Warm Natural Balayage

Celeb inspiration: Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Hair Colour Trends 2020
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“Subtle natural tones are very chic at the moment and for next year it will definitely continue to be the aspirational look,” says Jason Lee, owner of Jason Lee Salon in Toronto. “Warm browns, auburns or blondes with subtle balayage is the way to go in the new year.” Take your colour cue from Taylor Swift, who rocked natural blonde balayage look at the American Music Awards to *chef’s kiss* perfection.

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Trend: Espresso Brunettes

Celeb inspiration: Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle Hair Colour Trends 2020
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While highlights are still popular, this toned-down, mostly uniform-colour trend offers a richer, more saturated look. “Very classic and striking, [this colour] has very little highlights throughout,” says Zipora Hunter, a hairstylist at Tidal Hair Lounge in Halifax. “We always see clients darkening their hair for fall into darker and warmer tones but I feel like this one will stick around into the spring and beyond thanks to Olivia Munn, Meghan Markle, Kendall Jenner and Emilia Clarke who recently left her blonde bob in favour of a neutral, deep brunette.”

Trend: The Money Piece

Celeb inspiration: Beyoncé

Beyonce Hair Colour Trends 2020
(Photo: Instagram.com/Beyonce)

This trend gives you a fresh look without a ton of fuss. It’s all about a strategically placed strip of colour at the front of the hairline that provides a brightening, face-framing effect. “It’s meant to enhance and add to your low-maintenance colour,” says Melissa Duguay, a Joico artist and educator in Moncton, NB. The best part about this trend? “It grows out seamlessly.”

Trend: Curly Hair Highlights

Celeb inspiration: Serena Williams

Serena Williams Hair Colour Trends 2020
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Highlights aren’t going anywhere any time soon but the trend is now extending to curly hair, too. “[You’ll see more] girls with curls opting to add some highlights to their hair, which will bring more depth to their style and make their curl definition really pop,” notes Rashida Parris-Russell, a freelance hairstylist in Mississauga, Ont. Think caramel-blonde tones or subtle pieces of rich brown through deeper-toned strands.

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Trend: White-Hot Blonde

Celeb inspiration: Soo Joo Park

Soo Joo Park Hair Colour Trends 2020
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Platinum is always chic AF, but 2020 will usher in an ultra-icy version. “All-over white-blonde is the evolution of the platinum-blonde trend,” says Jason Fournier, owner of J. Fournier Hair Design in Calgary. He notes that it’s a cool-toned variation of white-blonde, bordering on grey with a smoky undertone. Supermodel and DJ Soo Joo Park’s bleached-out bob is a picture-perfect example of this high-maintenance hue.

Trend: Deep Red

Celeb inspiration: Zendaya

Zendaya Hair Colour Trends 2020
(Photo: Getty)

According to Mai Pham, senior stylist and manager at Suki’s Salon in Surrey, B.C., saturated hair colours always find their way back in style, and in 2020 you’re going to be seeing red (like, a lot of it). When blondes or brunettes are looking to switch up their colour, she says that deep red will top the list as it offers a fresh, rich take on the already popular tone. Case in point: It’s been a recent go-to for celebs like Zendaya at the Emmy Awards and Rihanna at this year’s BET Awards.

Trend: Baby Pastel

Celeb inspiration: Hunter Schafer

Hunter Schafer Hair Colour Trends 2020
(Photo: Getty)

Pastel tones are here to stay. Baby-soft colours will still be popular come 2020, but the latest version of the trend is a subtler wash of colour rather than a full-blown pastel shade. “It’s an easy transition for someone who has been living in the blonde world for too long and needs a change,” says hairstylist Matthew Collins, a styling ambassador for Dyson based in Toronto and Los Angeles. “Going baby blush-pink or soft pastel-purple is very non-committal and will fade out perfectly over time.”

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Trend: Mushroom Brown

Celeb inspiration: Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba Hair Colour Trends 2020
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“The hottest colour trend coming into 2020 is the rise of mushroom-brown,” explains Celene Dupuis, Redken colour ambassador and owner of Revamp Salon Company in Saskatoon, Sask. “This is a neutral matte light brunette tone that looks earthy and natural.” The key to nailing this shade is keeping the tone on the cool, ashy side rather than going for more typical warm honey hues. “This look will be great for those brunettes who like to keep their look beachy and effortless,” says Dupuis.

Trend: Two Tonal Contrast

Celeb inspiration: Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa Hair Colour Trends 2020
(Photo: Getty)

Remember Christina Aguilera’s black-blonde hair from her “Dirrty” music video circa the early 2000s? According to David D’Amours, the Canadian editorial director for Kérastase, next year, bold contrasts in colour like Aguilera’s are going to make a comeback. “The two-tone look involves a very daring shade contrast, such as platinum-blonde on top and dark brunette underneath,” he says. “This look almost appears as a ‘mistake’ in the sense that it is so wrong that it feels right.” The perfect modern example of this look is Dua Lipa’s blonde on top and brown on the bottom ’do that she recently debuted on the red carpet.

Trend: Sun-Kissed Copper Beige

Celeb inspo: Ariel Winter

Ariel Winter Hair Colour Trends 2020
(Photo: Getty)

Along with deep red, there’s another fiery colour that will dominate in 2020: sun-kissed copper beige. “It’s a mix of copper and neutral beige tones which is complementary on most skin tones as it’s less vibrant than most reds and more on the beige side,” explains Roger Medina, celebrity hairstylist and hair expert for Garnier in Toronto. It’s basically the redhead’s version of fresh-off-the-beach vacay hair as the coppery hue is subtly sun-kissed with an almost faded peachy vibe.

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