The Nominations Are Now Open for L’Oréal Paris’ 2020 Women of Worth: Canadian Edition

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The signature philanthropic initiative honours a diverse group of trailblazing Canadian women.

L’Oréal Paris just launched the 2020 nomination phase for its Canadian Women of Worth program. For the fourth consecutive year, on International Women’s Day, charitable grants totalling $110,000 will be presented to 10 Canadian women who are making a difference across a diverse range of communities.

Putting a spotlight on and celebrating hard-working women is something L’Oréal Paris values. Nominations are open through January 5, and the initiative encourages all Canadians to nominate women who strive to create a more beautiful and accepting world. “The Nomination phase is the most crucial in ensuring that we have the right exceptional women to honour on International Women’s Day,” the brand said in a release, adding that the holidays are the perfect time to think about giving back and honouring a Woman of Worth. Such a woman may make significant contributions across a multitude of causes and important initiatives, while demonstrating commitment and leadership.

“These remarkable Canadian innovators possess unrelenting drive, passion and commitment, and inspire us by their generosity and selflessness for the crucial causes they champion,” said L’Oréal Paris Canada’s general manager Milan Mladjenovic. “Every year, we are deeply moved by the personal motivations of the honourees and the beautiful impact their accomplishments continue to make to the lives of others and our world. These women show tremendous heart in all that they do, and we are humbled by their spirit and achievements.”

Nominees will be considered for four sectors: addressing a crucial need in the community, the impact their inspiring contributions have made, their innovation on developing solutions and their passion to evoke change and inspire future generations. The 10 women chosen as nominees (who will be announced in February) will receive $10,000 of the aforementioned grant to donate to their non-profit cause, as well as a trip to Toronto to attend the star-studded awards gala in March, courtesy of L’Oréal Paris. Plus, they will become an integral part of the Women of Worth community. Once the nominees are selected, voters have until March 4 to pick one of the 10 women they wish to see as the award recipient. Tallied votes will be used as an influence in the judging panel’s deliberation. The selected national honouree will then receive an additional $10,000.

Last year’s Women of Worth Canada national honouree Lynne Rosychuk said that since being named the award recipient, her organization, The Jessica Martel Memorial Foundation, gained global recognition and was acknowledged in the House of Commons. Additional donations and support from new volunteers naturally followed. “It is difficult to talk about domestic violence and I truly appreciate the opportunity L’Oréal Paris gave me to platform the important work we are doing,” she said.

Got someone in mind who you’d like to nominate? Cilck here.

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