A Medal Rack Might Be the Single Best Gift For Any Runner You Know


It took me six years of running half-marathons before I finally figured out what the heck to do with all my medals. Listen closely: a medal rack. Unclear how I spent so long draping them on door knobs, bulletin boards, and command hooks stuck to my wall, but there’s a whole market out there of cheap, functional medal racks just waiting to be filled with the shiny fruits of your labor. And, even better: with the holiday season bearing down on us, a medal rack is a fun and useful gift for just about any runner in your life.

There are many cheap options out there, from sleek and simple (the choice I’m going with for my dad) to cute and inspiring. Check out these affordable medal racks and wrap one up for your friend or family member who just keeps signing up for races. (Looking for more running gifts? Here are 11 that I can personally recommend.)

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