This Adorable Mom and Baby Workout to “Baby Shark” Is the Only Reason I Tolerate This Song


It’s not exactly breaking news that “Baby Shark” nation is still going strong. (I understand that just reading the words “baby shark” means this song is now in your head for the next three to four hours, and for that, I apologize.) It’s not all viral dance videos and questionable Halloween costumes, though; “Baby Shark” has also infiltrated the fitness world, as evidenced by the gymnastics workouts set to the crazy-catchy song.

But this “Baby Shark” workout video we just unearthed truly has it all: an adorable baby, a mom demoing great bodyweight exercises, and of course, the unstoppable song that started it all. Mom and pre- and postnatal fitness instructor Jessica Pumple goes through simple but effective moves like glute bridges, mountain climbers, and modified push-ups using her cute baby as a weight. Baby and mom can’t stop giggling the whole time, and after watching it for yourself, you’ll be in the same boat.

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