Miley Cyrus Just Got the Edgy Version of the Rachel Haircut


Miley Cyrus

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Miley Cyrus started her Thanksgiving week with a new take on an iconic old haircut. The singer appeared to get the Rachel haircut with bangs. But rather than curl it like Jennifer Aniston did as Rachel Green, Cyrus’ version was straightened. It creates a much different, edgier vibe even if the chop is the same. Cyrus unveiled her new look on her Instagram Story:



Here’s the original Rachel for comparison, aka what Cyrus’ hair would look like if she curled it under:


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Cyrus teased on her birthday that her mom cut her hair, sharing an Instagram Story of Tish Cyrus at work:

Cyrus has generally been pretty quiet on social media these past couple weeks because she has been recovering from vocal chord surgery. Cyrus posted an Instagram Story of her birthday celebration, revealing that even then she couldn’t use her voice.

“I will never forget my silent 27th birthday,” Cyrus wrote. “Thanks to my friends and family who made it so special!”



People reported that Cyrus is set to return to work next year. A source close to Cyrus told the outlet that post-surgery, Cyrus is “doing great and will be back and better than ever early next year.”

Cyrus and her boyfriend Cody Simpson are still together, even after breakup rumors spread, E! reported last week. “Miley always made it clear to Cody that she likes to have freedom and he always understood the dynamic of the relationship,” a source explained. “They have been friends for years and will always be, and are currently fine and on great terms.” Simpson confirmed this much when he revealed a childhood photo of Cyrus is his phone background on his Instagram Story. It was his way of definitively shutting down split rumors.

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