Please Join Me in Reliving the 5 Cringiest Fitness Products of the 2010’s


The 2010’s have been a TIME in the world of health and fitness. The body inclusivity movement took off, Instagram and YouTube became workout destinations, and we all started to learn that exercising and eating well didn’t just help you look good — they helped you feel freakin’ amazing, too. In general, everyone’s starting to get a little better educated on what their body needs, and that includes leaving behind some of the more . . . questionable fitness equipment we’ve seen advertised over the past decade. The best we can say is that most of these products meant well — more convenient weight loss or muscle gain is a worthy goal! — but missed by a long shot, leaving us both cringing and truly appreciating how far we’ve come since the days of Shake Weights and Skechers Shape-Ups.

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