Too Busy With Classes to Get to the Gym? You Can Do This 4-Week Workout Plan in Your Dorm


If the rec center was a major selling point during your tour of your college campus, but you find that you’re not making it there as often as you thought, go ahead and cut yourself some slack. The truth is, it takes little to no space to get in a good workout, and this four-week plan developed by Maverick Willet, an ISSA-certified personal trainer and BSN athlete, is proof. Save yourself the schlep, and instead do these workouts in your dorm room or take them outside to the courtyard for an impromptu bootcamp with friends.

Maverick suggests starting slow and really focusing on your form. “As your body acclimates to these exercises, and if you feel you can easily complete the exercise, you can gradually increase the amount of sets or reps in each workout to challenge yourself,” Maverick told POPSUGAR. That’s even built into the plan during the last week, and there’s no reason you couldn’t start from the beginning once you’ve finished, continuing to do just that as you get stronger. “You could also add a weight vest (textbooks in a backpack works!) or resistance bands for further progression,” Maverick said.

Otherwise, this plan uses mainly your own bodyweight, although some minimal equipment like a step stool will come in handy for certain exercises. You’ll do a mix of strength, interval, and endurance training, while sprinkling in two rest days a week, which you can move around to accommodate study sessions and social events. Keep reading for the full plan!

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