9 Basic Bish Activities to Tick off Your List This Fall (It’s Not Too Late)

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Three girls dressed in camel and fall colours throw leaves into the air
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Fall is offish in full swing! And you know what that means: basic bitch season. Sometimes known as “Christian Girl Autumn,” basic bish season is the time of year when those we label as “basics”—folks who lean in hard to leggings as pants and Lenny Kravitz-size blanket scarves and who just love the latest Katy Perry single—truly thrive, both IRL and on the ’gram.

Basics get a bad rap, especially when the fall season comes around. But, TBQH, those ladies and gents have the right idea! Why shouldn’t everyone enjoy the season to the fullest? It’s seriously gorge! Not only does it bring *perfect* dressing temps (not too hot, not too cold) but fall is also the slim window of time when it’s simultaneously socially acceptable to sip on an iced coffee or a piping-hot pumpkin-spice latte. The world is seriously your oyster!

Honestly, we shouldn’t be ridiculing those who embrace autumn to the fullest; we should be following suit. Here, nine basic activities to tick off your list before the season ends.

And remember to specify to your barista:

Have special “me”  time with your PSL

Spice GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Nothing says fall like a good ol’ PSL. Forget a glass of wine after a long day at work—we want to marinate in our bodily filth while sipping on a large pour of pumpkin spice.

Pay $69.99 (heh) for a bag of apples from the orchard

Kaitlin Olson Apple Picking GIF by The Mick - Find & Share on GIPHY

Who cares that the same bag of apples probably costs $4.99 at the local grocer? It’s all about the *experience.*

Take a “shoefie” in the leaves

Is it even fall if you don’t have at least one photo of your UGGs in a pile of leaves?

Enjoy a couple more outdoor workouts

Take that scenic (and Insta-worthy) hike while you can.

Purchase 90 scented candles that smell like the baking you won’t actually do

All of the reward with none of the hassle? Sounds like a win-win, TBH.

Indulge in fried shrimp at a shrimp fest (this always happens in the fall—don’t ask questions)

Do we understand it? No. But do we love it? Hell, yes!

Take a trip to the pumpkin patch for a hayride with your BFF

Because nothing says autumn like getting lit on mulled wine with your bestie on the back of a precariously built automobile.

Hurtle your bod into a pile of crunchy leaves

Just make sure said leaves aren’t over, you know, mud.

And rock *all* the flannel your heart desires

It’s lumberjack szn!

So, go forth, basics! Live your fall to the fullest because winter is coming.

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