Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson Passionately Kissed in the Middle of a Crowded Restaurant


Cody Simpson returned from Australia, and he and Miley Cyrus had a PDA-filled date night in Los Angeles on Saturday. The couple went out with their friends to Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights, but before that, the two went out to dinner and were so lovestruck, they stood up and had a dramatic, passionate kiss in the middle of Casa Vega. TMZ got a photo of the moment:





Simpson and Cyrus had roughly eight other people with them, according to TMZ, and the outlet speculates that the reason that public kiss might have happened is because Simpson quietly covered the roughly $1,000 bill for everyone. Multiple sources told TMZ that Simpson “sneakily slipped his card” to the waiter before one of Cyrus’ friends could try to pay. The kiss could be Cyrus’ thank you…or just them being in love in public. News first broke the two were dating because Simpson kissed Cyrus in a grocery store, and they were later seen making out while getting açaí bowls at Backyard Bowls.

Cyrus shared some photos of them at Universal Studios, posing with their friends. Simpson had his arm around Cyrus in one group shot:

Simpson spoke about his and Cyrus’ relationship during his appearance on the Kyle & Jackie O Show. He claimed there that he was different than all her other exes. “I’m very, very, very romantic,” Simpson told the hosts. “I don’t think she…she’d talked about how she hadn’t had that kind of an experience in a relationship before.”

He also explained why they chose to be so public about their relationship. “We spoke about it like first week, like what we’re going to get blown up right, and we can go about it one of two ways: Getting busted all the time or just like not allowing anyone to bust us because we’re busting ourselves anyway,” he said. They clearly chose the latter.

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