Aimee Song’s Style Is All About Not Trying Too Hard


In’s Style Files we ask our most stylish friends how they got that way.

With more than 5 million followers on Instagram, a New York Times best selling book, and a Revolve-backed clothing line under her belt, it’s safe to say that Aimee Song is more than just a blogger. Song is an OG influencer who’s transitioned to full-blown mogul, all while maintaining a surprisingly grounded outlook. In this installment of Style Files, we touch base with her to learn more about her personal style icons, getting dressed in a hurry, and why she looks back at old street style photos with a bit of regret.


Song in head-to-toe Tibi

Tyler Joe

How would you describe your style?

Get ready as fast as you can, but still look polished and make it look like you didn’t try too hard. When it comes to everyday style, I definitely have my go tos and like to be casual but still polished since I’m constantly meeting people.

What are some of your favorite basics brands?

I love Uniqlo and also love the collaboration between Hanes and stylist Karla Welch. L’Agence’s denim is a basic for me too because they’re so stretchy and comfy while still maintaining their shape. I also love Grlfrnd denim. Another basics brand that’s becoming a wardrobe staple for me is Wardrobe NYC. My airport outfit is always their black sweatshirt and biker shorts and their Adidas Yung One sneakers.

Tell me about the first outfit you remember truly loving.

My mom was always into fashion and I remember when she first DIY’d a pair of ripped jeans for me when I was in elementary school. People at school made so much fun of me for “looking homeless,” but I loved it.


Tyler Joe

If you had to wear one outfit forever, what would it be?

Denim and a sweater with an oversized blazer. That combo is so easy and so timeless.

Whose style do you love and why?

I love Christine Centenera’s style since it’s so uniquely her. I look at old street style photos of her and still get inspired. I also love Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s style. She always looks put together yet effortless. Bianca Jagger’s style back in the ’70s and ’80s was great too. So strong and colorful yet sexy without being obvious.

What’s the most debatable piece in your wardrobe at the moment?

My Margiela glam slam bag that looks like a pillow. When I first saw it, I thought it was ridiculous and wasn’t sure how to wear it, but now I love it so much.


Song in her Song of Style line at 11 Howard Hotel


Heels or no heels?

I like how powerful I feel in heels because I’m not that tall. My body posture is better [in them, too] but let’s be honest, I prefer no heels.

What’s your getting dressed ritual?

Always rushed but somehow I make it work. I tend to go back and forth with what shoes to wear and I pile on my everyday jewelry as I’m leaving the house.

What’s one piece that’s gotten away?

I don’t feel as bad about it now since I don’t wear stilettos, but I used to have these amazing Balenciaga cork high heel sandals that I got after seeing the Olsen twins in them years and years ago. I had saved for months to get the shoes and got lucky and bought them on sale. Then my dog Charcoal got sick one day and needed surgery. I had to sell them through my blog since I was on a college student budget.


Tyler Joe

What are some of your most sentimental items?

Some of the Louis Vuitton pieces I have especially from Nicolas Ghesquière’s first few seasons with Louis Vuitton. Nicolas has been one of my absolute favorite designers since his Balenciaga days (I even snuck into his first Vuitton show!). A lot of my Self Portrait dresses from Han’s first collection are also pretty sentimental. Even though I don’t have any space for my ever growing Self-Portrait collection, I’m keeping all of the first few collections because I have so many great memories attached to them.

Number one style regret?

Wearing uncomfortable heels in the snow or trying too hard during fashion week especially when I first started doing New York Fashion Week. Looking back at the photos, I look uncomfortable and I look like I’m trying way too hard.


Song wears another Song of Style look and Bottega Venetta heels

Tyler Joe

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