This Is My New Favorite Bodyweight Core Workout — It’s Just 10 Minutes!


We did this quick 10-minute bodyweight core workout as a warmup before a recent cardio-focused CrossFit class, and it totally fired up my abs and arms. Level 1 CrossFit Coach Sefton Hirsch with Champlain Valley CrossFit said, “It’s a great way to get your body warmed up with low impact, and focuses on all the core muscles.” Sefton added, “These movements are great for people who work at a desk, helping to strengthen the core that becomes weak from sitting in a chair.”

Although there are just five moves in this 10-minute workout, you hold them for 60 seconds, so it’s challenging both physically and mentally. Why 60 seconds? Sefton explained that 60 seconds offers a good amount of time to really get the blood moving. If it’s too hard (and 60 seconds is hard for many people, especially beginners), he said to take a quick break and then get back into the hold.

I’ve been doing this 10-minute core workout at home a couple times a week and love that it’s quick and effective. Having a strong core has not only helped me prevent injury when in CrossFit, but it’s also helped me feel more powerful when running and more stable when doing yoga. It’s also helping me get better at handstands. I can now hold it for at least 20 seconds and am using my stronger core to learn to walk on my hands.

10-Minute Bodyweight Core Workout

Directions: Hold each for 60 seconds. Repeat twice. If this is difficult, hold each for 20 seconds and build your way up to a full minute.

Bird dog (right arm, left leg)
Bird dog (left arm, right leg)
Side plank (right)
Side plank (left)

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