Black is Back! 4 Ways to Make it Anything But Boring


In the age of IG, as the fashion flock competes for one another’s eyes (electric-hued paillettes! head-to-toe tie-dye! pastel plumage!), standing out from the pack may seem like a lost cause.

But perhaps making a mark on streets and screens alike doesn’t have to be so difficult (or downright dizzying). Rather than piling on clashing hues, why not simply steer clear of color altogether?

That’s right: black—the ultimate sartorial palette cleanser—is back. But rest assured, it need not mean boring nor somber. This season, the obsidian shade comes in epic proportions with tantalizing texture and bold graphics. Wear it from top to bottom, or even with a splash of white. Welcome to the dark side.

The Pant


Bon Duke

Today’s trousers—replete with extra wide legs and streetwear-inspired lettering—speak equal parts cool and comfort when worn with a tucked-in tee.

Vera Wang corded embroidery t-shirt, $475;, Vera Wang wide leg trousers, $1500;, Lele Sadoughi black woven headband, $49;, Leigh Miller earrings, $380;


Balance this LBD’s up-to-there hemline with slightly sheer knee-high socks and exaggerated sleeves that go the extra mile.

Vera Wang knit sleeve dress, $2250;, Bresciani semi-sheer thigh-high socks, $89.50;, Church’s shoes,, Louise Olsen earrings, $430;

The Short Shorts


Bon Duke

No longer just for summer or sport, teeny tiny shorts find an evening-worthy edge this fall thanks to a floor-grazing cape and sculptural hoops.

Vera Wang shirt,, Vera Wang fitted shorts, $650;, Vera Wang detachable hood felt cape, $3500;, Bresciani semi-sheer thigh-high socks, $89.50;, Lele Sadoughi black woven headband, $49;, Louise Olsen earrings, $430;

The Blazer


Bon Duke

Bid adieu to the staid suit. Innovative texture coupled with tailored board shorts give the classic power ensemble a new lease on life.

Vera Wang blazer and shorts,, Bresciani semi-sheer thigh-high socks, $89.50;, Annie Costello Brown necklace, $890;

Styled by Edward Bowleg III, Hair by Didier Malige, Makeup by Marla Belt

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