12 Clutch Purses to Wear With Your Going-Out Tops—and Everything, Really


Sighted: Clutch bags were rampant on the runways at NYFW and dangling on the wrists of many a trendsetter on the street. I’m not sure about you, but when I see a bitty bag tightly clamped under someone’s arm, my eyes go right to it.

Sure, your first thought may be, “This is not 2003—y tho.” But, if going-out tops and bootcut jeans are having a comeback, can you really be surprised? Bella is here for it, and it’s officially time to lean in to this new old mood.

And listen: Your prom was cool, but clutches aren’t just reserved for a special night out anymore. The small but mighty bags have a chic presence no matter what you pair them with. Jeans, a sweatshirt and baseball cap? Dad-chic the fuck out of it with a clutch. Same goes for a more polished ensemble. I’m especially here for the oversized pantsuit look with a clutch for good measure.

Bonus points for something with a fun texture, like the resin guys in our roundup. But I’m not biased on one style, how dare you!? They’re all so good. Give me woven, give me sleek, lucite handles, give me beading, give me croc and newfangled shapes.

Scope out some of our fave picks or hit up your local thrift shop to source your own. BRB, gonna go dig up my micro clutch from my grad in the Year 2000 *Vitamin C’s “Graduation (Friends Forever)” plays softly as I search*.


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