10 Best Gifts for the Impossible Man – Foolproof Options for 2023

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Gifts for the impossible men are some of the most challenging yet rewarding presents to buy. Sure, it can be quite a pursuit, but there’s nothing more satisfying than finding the perfect item for the pickiest person on your list.

Whether you’re shopping for birthdays, holidays, or special occasions, the ten gifts on this list are best suited to the guy who’s impossible to shop for. Great for all ages and interests, the presents on this list are practical, functional, and stylish, catered towards the modern man.

If you’re ready to hand over the reins of gift giving, take a journey into the best gifts for the impossible man with me. You won’t be disappointed by what you find.

Key Takeaways

As someone whose life is filled with challenging guys, I know all about the best gifts for impossible men. Each year, I spend countless hours researching unique presents for both my father and boyfriend, who must be some of the most difficult people to shop for in the world. Luckily, I’ve learned a thing or two about what makes the best gifts for men, and I’ve laid out my findings in the article below.

The biggest takeaway is you want your present to be well received, ensure it’s something useful, practical, and stylish, like the Carl Friedrik Charging Tray. If you’re shopping on a budget, you can find plenty of these items on Amazon, like the Lefonte Crystal Bedside Pitcher, which will make a splash with any man you gift it to.

Our Top Picks

a charging tray by carl friedrik
carlfriedrik / Instagram

Carl Friedrik Charging Tray

Why It’s Great: When it comes to gifts for the impossible man, practicality is everything. He doesn’t want another trinket to sit on his bookshelf, he wants something he can actually use. Even better if it’s something that can upgrade his current routine, like this sleek leather charging tray. Grounded in function and high quality design, this nightstand companion supports wireless charging with enough room for analog essentials, too. Not only will it add some eye candy to his desk space, but it’ll also keep him organized in style.

How to Use It: The charging tray includes a USB-C cable to connect to a wall outlet. Once it’s hooked up, place devices that are compatible with wireless charging on the right hand side. The rest of the tray is left for basics like glasses, pens, and small accessories.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers: While a standout product and a top choice for gifts for the impossible man, he’ll need to have devices that can be charged wirelessly. This includes the iPhone 8 and any newer models, along with AirPods and some Android devices. It’s also pretty pricey, but the one hundred day trial ensures it’s the best fit for his home.

Lefonte Crystal Bedside Pitcher

Why It’s Great: Simple additions make the biggest splash, which is why bedside pitchers are great gifts. He’s likely bringing a glass of water to bed with him anyway, so why not save a trip to the kitchen with this refined carafe? It even comes with a glass for a complete thirst-quenching set. And when he’s not using it in the bedroom, it makes for a refined statement piece in other areas of the home, making it the perfect housewarming gift for men. Plus, it’s available on Amazon if you’re hunting for a last minute present.

How to Use It: Simply fill up the sixteen-ounce carafe and get drinking. When he’s finished with his glass, he can place it back on top of the pitcher for safekeeping.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers: If he drinks like a camel in the middle of the night, sixteen ounces may be a bit small for a bedside pitcher.

Aurelien Shearling Insoles

Why It’s Great: Nothing says luxury like Italian-made shearling insoles, especially in the frigid winter months. This is among the best gifts for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or other cold weather occasions because they’ll keep him plenty toasty wherever he goes. They’re also rather unique, so if you’re searching for something he doesn’t already own, these insoles are winners.

How to Use It: These insoles can slip into just about any footwear, winterizing them for the cold weather.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers: Fifty-plus dollars for insoles is pretty steep, especially when you factor in the price of Dr. Scholl’s. But something tells me the impossible man isn’t impressed by generic insoles, making this shearling pair well worth the splurge.

Ooni Karu Mini Pizza Oven

Why It’s Great: Please find me a single guy on this earth who will not appreciate a mini pizza oven (spoiler alert, he doesn’t exist). As one of the best gifts period, especially for the man who has everything, the Ooni pizza oven impresses every single time. Perfect for backyards and New York City fire escapes, this portable pizza oven cranks out wood-fired pies from anywhere, minus the mess.

How to Use It: This pizza oven can be fueled with wood, charcoal, or Ooni’s separate gas burner. Once it’s fired up, it takes fifteen minutes to reach a whopping 950°F when it’s ready to cook up pies. Slip your topping-covered pizza into the oven, and you’ll have a fresh pie ready to eat in sixty seconds. The oven can also be used to cook meat, veggies, and fish. Talk about the ultimate upgrade.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers: At first glance, $300 might seem steep for a gift, but let me remind you, we’re talking about a pizza oven here. Just think, a one time investment may be unlimited pizza in your future…

L’Estrange 24 Trousers

Why It’s Great: As someone who dates an impossible man, let me tell you, these trousers are it. They’re definitely one of the best gifts for impossible men because they look like suit pants but feel like sweats. My boyfriend is a nightmare to shop for and refuses to wear anything but joggers. So when I gave him these for his birthday gift, I was delighted to see him sporting them everywhere. He told me that if there were one pair of pants he could wear every day, these would be it.

How to Use It: Slide on and go, baby. These trousers have a hook and loop closure, coupled with an elastic waist and hidden drawstring for all day comfort. They also come in multiple styles (slim, classic, relaxed) and various materials (cotton, wool, linen, you name it). I recommend the classic 6oz cotton rendition for year round wear.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers: The classic fit can look a bit baggy, so if you want a more polished appearance, choose the slim fit.

Mismo Suit Carrier

Why It’s Great: Sure, garment bags have been around forever, but when was the last time you actually saw a guy carrying one? If the impossible man in your life would prefer a rumpled blazer to lugging around a bulky duster, the Mismo suit carrier is the perfect gift. This is especially handy if he’s always traveling for business since this carrier will keep his suit crisp, no matter how long the flight is. With five neutral colorways, additional pockets, and space for up to three suits, this is the ultimate travel companion for the impossible man.

How to Use It: Lay the suit carrier flat and unzip the large center pocket. Slip suits into the center pocket, and if needed, pass any hangers through the slot under the handles. Add other essentials to the interior zippered pockets before folding the carrier in half and securing it with the metal buckle. If there’s more to pack, he can make use of the exterior zippered pockets, making it a nifty weekender bag, in addition to a suit carrier.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers: At nearly $800, this gift is only suited to guys who are actually on the move. If you spend this kind of cash on a man who doesn’t travel, this suit carrier will probably gather dust in his closet until his next destination wedding.

Infinity Pillow

Why It’s Great: Whether he’s a homebody or a guy on the go, this is among the best gifts for anyone, really. A versatile, wraparound pillow, this bad boy will keep him comfy wherever he uses it. Road trips, plane travel, or simply on the couch, this pillow offers extra support and a hefty dose of comfort, with ten different colors to choose from.

How to Use It: The beauty of the Infinity Pillow is the plethora of ways to use it. He can wrap it once or twice around his head for support, bunch it up and lean against it, or even use it as a cradle for his neck and arms. It’s supremely soft and crazy flexible, so no matter how he likes to get his shuteye, he’ll find a use for this pillow.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers: The only downside is that the Infinity Pillow’s travel case is sold separately.

Western Razor Safety Razor Pack

Why It’s Great: Even the impossible man can appreciate a close shave. Help upgrade his routine with a safety razor value pack, including the razor, and fifty five refill blades (enough to last three years or more). It’s “Give it to Your Grandkid” quality, made in the USA, and above all else, supremely useful. Help him kick single use razors to the curb – this is the last one he’ll ever need.

How to Use It: Simply pop a blade into the razor, lather up, and get one of the smoothest, closest shaves of his life.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers: If he shaves more than twice a week, the refill blades will last between one and two years rather than three. That said, it’s still an unbeatable deal, especially when you factor in the cost of drugstore razors over an entire year.

Assouline Travel Coffee Table Book

Why It’s Great: Something of a status symbol, the Assouline travel coffee table books are in all the homes of the elites. If you’re looking for gifts for the impossible man, this is a chart topper. It adds a nice pop of color to wherever it’s displayed and says, “I’m wealthy but still literate.”

How to Use It: Choose from exclusive destinations like Bali, Tulum, the Greek Islands, Provence, the Saudi Coast, and beyond. Covering high-class areas across the world, help him relive his dream trip, or even better, plan it with these artistic coffee table books.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers: These books focus more on images and portraiture rather than true trip advice. They definitely give Tachen a run for their money and are quickly emerging as a frontrunner in the world of gilded coffee table books.

CDLP Boxer Set

Why It’s Great: No matter how impossible he is, he probably still wears underwear. At least, we hope so (though, who are we to judge). Enhance his boxer collection with this set from CDLP made from breathable, moisture wicking Tencel. Treat his junk to silky softness with enough stretch for all day comfort. Even the most difficult man will have to appreciate this gift.

How to Use It: Designed to slip on and go, the CDLP boxer briefs have a stretchy waistband and no tag for supreme comfort. Great for picky boyfriends in need of an underwear drawer upgrade.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers: This underwear is so comfortable he may even forget it’s there.

a suit carrier on the sofa
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Buying Considerations for Gifts for the Impossible Man

What They Like

Leaning into his interests is the best way to find gifts for the impossible man. If he’s super picky, choose a present that leans into what he’s fond of. If he’s a movie buff, get him a gift to help with an at home cinema night. Fan of fashion? Nothing says “I care about you” like a pair of sleek trousers or a suit carrier. Into jet setting? A travel pillow, new bag, or voyage-inspired coffee table book are all great bets. And if all else fails, you can’t go wrong with funny gifts for men.

What They Already Have

It’s also worth thinking about what he already has. If he often keeps a glass of water by his bedside, why not upgrade his setup with a pitcher? Tons of tech to organize? A wireless charging tray will help streamline his desktop. You’re not going to replace what he already has (it’s one of the reasons he’s the impossible man, after all), but you can offer useful enhancements to make his life easier.

Their Lifestyle

Finally, consider his lifestyle because it’s no good to gift travel products to a homebody and vice versa. Lean into the way he lives to help guide your gift giving. If he’s an amateur home chef, step up his game with a portable pizza oven. If he loves cold weather adventures, outfit his shoes with shearling insoles. Remember, it’s all about practical, useful, and stylish gifts that are specifically tailored to the man you’re shopping for. If you keep this in mind, you will never strike out.

Why You Should Trust Us

As the Fashionbeans gifting fairy, my favorite activity is to hunt down and recommend the best presents of the season. The gifts on this list are particularly special because I have years of experience shopping for the impossible man (er, impossible men, rather). With knowledge from my own background coupled with asking the difficult guys in my life what they view as great presents, I was able to create this list of ten gifts for impossible men that will go down as a hit for anyone lucky enough to be on the receiving end.

baking a pizza outdoors
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Final Verdict

While you can take gifts in many different directions, no matter which way you go, the Carl Friedrik Charging Tray will impress anyone who unwraps it. The chic design, paired with unmatched functionality, makes it a showstopper every time. However, if you’re on a tighter budget, you can’t go wrong with the Lefonte Crystal Bedside Pitcher, which is the ultimate nightstand upgrade.


    • If you’re dealing with a man who buys everything for himself (Dad, I’m looking at you), get him something so out there that he’d never purchase it on his own. Items that fall into this category include portable pizza ovens, shearling insoles, a leather wireless charging tray, or a $700 suit carrier.

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