The CBD Products That Trainers Recommend (and Use Themselves) For Workout Recovery


Gone shopping lately? It seems like cannabidiol, or CBD, is in everything. One POPSUGAR contributor likes to describe it as “Mother Nature’s Xanax mixed with ibuprofen” for its anxiety- and pain-relieving properties without the high you get with THC. There is limited research on CBD and specifically how it can impact muscle inflammation, pain, and soreness, but Claudia William, MD, a board-certified family medicine physician specializing in cannabis, told POPSUGAR in a previous interview that she’s heard anecdotal evidence from patients.

They’ve said that “CBD topical creams help for musculoskeletal pain, such as muscle strains, muscle tightness, or soreness,” Dr. William explained. “In some instances where it doesn’t completely relieve pain, it has helped decrease the amount of NSAIDs or oral pills people have had to take.” On that same note, one study suggests that CBD and cannabis products can reduce the use of antidepressants and other prescription drugs that may have adverse side effects.

We sought out certified personal trainers in the fitness field to ask if they used CBD as a step in their own workout recovery processes. There was a mix of “yes” and “no,” but some were very adamant about the relief they’ve felt from CBD creams, sprays, and bath salts. Ahead, check out what trainers said about such products and their recommendations for easing muscle aches and pains.

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