How This Master Trainer Stays on Top of Her Fitness Routine, Even During the Busiest Time of the Year


It’s impossible to talk about Alex’s wellness routine without mentioning her workouts — fitness is her job, after all! Besides teaching yoga four times a week, Alex also works with another coach to plan her workouts. “I spend a lot of time writing workouts for my clients and classes so when it comes to my own, I love to be the student,” she said. A typical week of training usually includes three days of barbell lifting, two days of kettlebell work, and one or two days of running.

That doesn’t mean Alex always sticks to her workout routine perfectly, though. Alex said that she sometimes has trouble keeping up with her program while traveling, but even if she doesn’t have access to a full gym, she makes it a point to move at least once a day — whether that’s walking from appointment to appointment or doing a quick yoga flow in her hotel room. “Our bodies are made to move, and an object in motion stays in motion,” she said. “So keep moving, every day.”

Alex’s advice counts for double during the holidays — and not just because you’re treating yourself to hot cocoa and sugar cookies. “My number one tip for the holiday season would be to exercise, and not as a punishment or as payment for eating yummy food,” she explained. “Move because it feels good!”

Last but not least, Alex sets herself up for success by keeping a few wellness essentials on hand, even when she travels. She uses her Samsung Galaxy Watch Active for everything from tracking her steps to practicing mindfulness, so that’s at the top of her list. “Not only is the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active a sleek and beautiful timepiece, but it also acts as a support system to your goals,” Alex explained. “It goes where you go and can be customized to your own personal preferences.” Also in her suitcase? A reusable water bottle, running shoes that are stylish enough to wear to dinner, and a good book. “Having some time to yourself to get lost in a book is so important during a crazy holiday season,” she said. Amen to that!

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