Gigi Hadid’s Sweater Makes Her First Statement After Her Tyler Cameron Breakup



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In the course of their nearly two month relationship, Gigi Hadid never spoke about The Bachelorette‘s Tyler Cameron or their many public dates. And when that summer fling ended, Hadid said nothing about the breakup in interviews or on social media. But now she is ready to make a broader, non-verbal statement about dating. The model was photographed out in New York City yesterday, wearing a sweater that declares brutally, “Boys lie. Goodbye.”

The sweater is available for $90 if you feel inclined to add it to your post-breakup, living your best life wardrobe.

Good Bye Crewneck

Boys Lie


So what did Tyler Cameron lie about? Only Hadid knows that, along with if he did privately.

But generally, people weren’t exactly buying it when Cameron said he and Hadid were just “friends” in multiple interviews. A week before their breakup news became public, Tyler C told Entertainment Tonight that he and Hadid, “we’re just friends, we’re just friends,” when asked about their relationship. Their reporter was skeptical and asked “Are you sure?”

“I mean, that’s just where we’re at,” he said. “Our relationship doesn’t need to be public. She’s good people, she’s an amazing person, and we’re just keeping it friendly.”

While Hadid never said anything about her split from Cameron, Tyler C has talked a little. The male model teased “I may be single” during his appearance on Watch What Happens Live in early October and said that he would be open to dating a “normal,” non-famous girl. “I love all girls.” His breakup from Hadid was confirmed shortly after the interview aired.

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